We’re launching a new kind of media watchdog outfit. We have more material than we’d like. But we want more. Want to help?

  1. Search the archives of any of the below outlets for any of the subjects listed next to them.
  2. Find the discrepancies in how the same events have…

A short treatise on my involvement in the protest against UK’s censorship-by-violence bill, as well as the odd rumors about me secretly being a cop.

I attended the #KillTheBill demo yesterday in central London, where I’ve been living since late last year, and upon arriving was asked by some other…

Correspondence and other materials relating to the effort to defend Natanya Waybourne against the ongoing attempt to seize her assets in wake of the death of her longtime partner Mark Keds

[A brief summary of the situation may be found at our fundraising page at Crowd Justice, where you can…

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You never walk far through any poor quarter in any big town without coming upon a small newsagent’s shop. The general appearance of these shops is always very much the same: a few posters for the…

Transcript of Gregg Housh Show, November 2020

Video: https://youtu.be/vSJilxRUxzo

GH: All right everyone. We are live and there is Barrett popping in

BB: Here I am popping in

GH: Look at that. Look at Barrett over there in England now, jolly old England

BB: Merry old England.

GH: All right…

An Announcement Regarding Pursuance, Process Democracy, and Needful Retaliation, from Barrett Brown


DOJ prosecutor Candina Heath doubles as racist porn star “Queen of Spades”, as revealed by alleged victim


I’m Going to Rehab So That I’ll Be Ready for the Civil War


Barrett Brown

Banned from everywhere

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