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A very open letter to Shana Lynette Posey, wacky neighbor who screamed at our dog

This is your upstairs neighbor. I don’t know what issues you have that prompted you to order me to leave the front lawn of apartment I’ve lived in for more than 2 and a half years without incident, or why you jerk your dog along on his leash like a deranged 13th century sociopath-mystic who just got their dog license from High Prince Moloch in a fever dream, or what you thought you were going to accomplish with your creepy, stumbling come-ons to my girlfriend, or how that figures into your craziness in general, or why you were screaming at our dog because he was barking on our porch in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, or why you would expect me to quiet him down even if every yelp shattered a piece of spine if it so clearly sends a malevolent crypto-fascist like you into a frenzy, or what sort of mental background you’ve created that justifies your cheerful threats to make “noise complaints” over the dog barking, presumably to the cops, or alternatively to our sick corporate enforcer of an apartment manager, or any of the rest of it. What I do know is that trying to ask you why you started this shit last month and sending my gf down to politely ask you to stop has failed, and so has expos I have press and. filmmakers coming through over the next week before Tess and I leave Dallas, to interview me and some former city councilmen for documentary on the Botham Jean shooting, my work in exposing DPD coverups, and the subsequent retaliation by police and media against myself and other activists.

If, from now until that departure, you scream any further white trash fucking nonsense at anyone in the vicinity of the apartment, or at me, or the dog, or at a passing quail you believe has wronged you, I will (1) film that shit and make it public along with your name such that it will be the single thing for which you are known thereafter, other than for being one of the two crazy neighbors who decided to pick the same week to disrupt the other projects I do for free while getting my home life fucked with by professionals in intel and law enforcement that have successfully gotten me imprisoned for four years, not just gotten me and my girlfriend evicted and our $2200 deposit stolen from a slumlord while I tried to finish my memoirs and oversee a project to help reporters find funds embezzled from developing nations. I won’t rat you out and try to get your home life disrupted like you’ve done to us; I will change how you’re viewed by everyone you come close to through the rest of your life and beyond. Most likely you’ll disregard this policy just like all the military intelligence people and FBI informants and FBI agents and dirty reporters that you can watch me pursue in at least two different documentaries on Netflix alone. If that’s the case, I suggest you start working on curing cancer or crowning yourself emperor of the fucking moon people, because that’s the only way you’ll be anything other than the Random Neighbor of Poor Breeding Who Made Life Harder for the Couple Who Didn’t Deserve It For Reasons She’ll Struggle to Explain to Everyone Forever After. Ideally it would be enough that I’m a human being who did nothing to you and does much for others at the expense of his own happiness and peace, but it’s up to you. If you apologize I’ll even take down this less effective written version of events from where I’m about to place it in public view.

P.S. Our dog wanted me to tell you, “Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Fuck You Crazy Bitch.”

Banned from everywhere

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