King and I were recruited by The Intercept around the same time, I believe, and we appeared to have an overlapping interest in police issues. After getting out of prison I ended up in open conflict with Dallas press and police over the Botham Jean shooting and what some volunteers and I discovered regarding the white officer in question (as well as a series of embarrassing fuck-ups on Dallas Morning News’ part even as they ignored all of this despite happily repeating both of the cop’s shifting versions of the shooting as fact, all while the editor denounced me in public. Meanwhile some of our mutual fans tried to bring the things we’d found on the cop’s non-deleted social media accounts materials to King’s attention via Twitter. I thought it was odd that he never acknowledged any of it, but it was certainly possible he’d just somehow missed all of these comments from longtime readers showing images of obvious importance to the case.

Then this year an individual approached me in private to identify the officer who had just shot and killed a black woman on tape in Baytown as well as various other details which I hoped to get to those who could pursue the story nationally and document anything potentially ambiguous lest inattentive reporters leave any openings for police union fixers to use in the same way they did in Dallas. Blavity had no problem noticing this and running with it, and likewise with NewsOne. Both of them wanted the story advanced for the same reason any decent person would. But King somehow managed not to notice any of the couple of dozen attempts by his longtime readers to get his help pushing these things to the national press. So naturally the Dallas cop’s Pinterest page with the anti-BLM memes and obnoxious fascist cop humor would be left out of the public consciousness along with assorted other items that I simply lack the institutional support to get circulating in any way that matters.

Having said all that, he’s not even the worst person at The Intercept. Sam Biddle might not even be and he’s a demonstrable FBI collaborator who cheered on my sentencing but couldn’t get my charges right even after two tries, and then somehow got to work on the Reality Winner documents.

Anyway, always nice to see another documented case against an Intercept staffer whose wrongdoing will never be addressed. To King’s credit, he’s at least pretending to respond to the charges, starting by refuting accusations you’ve never made, whereas they usually just hide.

Banned from everywhere

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