Proving Ground: Outlets that run contradictory stories on the same subject without correcting any of them

Barrett Brown
1 min readApr 28, 2021


We’re launching a new kind of media watchdog outfit. We have more material than we’d like. But we want more. Want to help?

RIP Michael Hastings
  1. Search the archives of any of the below outlets for any of the subjects listed next to them.
  2. Find the discrepancies in how the same events have been reported (and you will — these are samples from our own last decade of soon-to-be-published research).
  3. Now that you’ve gotten the hang of auditing the news media on its own terms, use what you’ve learned to find additional instances of press failure and bring them to us, via the comments below or our project Twitter handle at @ProjHastings, where you can learn more about what we’re doing and why we expect to have to do so much of it.

[This list will expand over time as we continue to collate our backlog of data in preparation for the formal rollout of ProjHastings; check back often, but not too often, because we’re lazy]

New York Times: “Palantir” “OpCartel” “Stratfor”

Gawker: “OpCartel” “HBGary”

Reuters: “Palantir” “OpCartel”

The Atlantic: “Stratfor” “OpCartel”

The Dallas Morning News: “Botham Jean” “Amber Guyger”