Raw Docs: I try to explain right and wrong to FBI informants and the people behind “th3j35t3r”

Mach2600 = Linda Sutton (Jester group account user). Asherah = Jennifer Emick (FBI informant, contractor hired by HBGary to pursue activists)

These are both FBI informants. Welcome to the wonderful world of snitching.

April 2011, #Jester, 2600.irc

mach: So Mr. Brown, what is it that you are accusing me of in your latest pastebin?
[6:09pm] earlgrey: im going to build an exploitable environment soon
[6:09pm] chatterbox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xllqhAM-Q9o
[6:09pm] earlgrey: for people to practice on
[6:09pm] chatterbox: rebecca black interview
[6:09pm] chatterbox: check it guys
[6:09pm] tyrdr0p: I hate you chatterbox
[6:09pm] tyrdr0p:
[6:09pm] chatterbox: ROFL
[6:10pm] BarrettBrown: I accused you of writing this tweet
[6:10pm] BarrettBrown: http://twitter.com/#!/mach2600/status/55024273139564545
[6:10pm] BarrettBrown: and in doing so, referring to my gf as having been “pimped out”
[6:10pm] mach: I did. I but what does that have to do with Backtrace?
[6:10pm] BarrettBrown: which I suppose means that she engages in activism for North African women and works with Anons to that end
[6:10pm] BarrettBrown: You are defending Backtrace’s threats against her and her daughter by blaming me for it
[6:11pm] BarrettBrown: and apparently her as well
[6:11pm] BarrettBrown: Because you collaborate with Backtrace
[6:11pm] BarrettBrown: particularly Asherah
[6:11pm] BarrettBrown: and have no problem with any of their methods
[6:11pm] mach: Ahhhh. I see.
[6:11pm] BarrettBrown: and additionally are again threatening to kick me from this room so that I can’t answer questions of others here
[6:11pm] chatterbox: don’t worry tyrdr0p
[6:11pm] chatterbox: i only linked that because i got PWNED as well
[6:11pm] wtf: barrett
[6:12pm] BarrettBrown: she asked me, wtf
[6:12pm] BarrettBrown: I answered her
[6:12pm] chatterbox: wtf change your name, no one should name themselves after an abbreviation
[6:12pm] wtf: do you understand that nobody but asherah and zud and lately thejester has been doxing anyone from here?
[6:12pm] chatterbox: SRSLY
[6:13pm] chatterbox: this fucking conversation AGAIN!?!?!!
[6:13pm] BarrettBrown: and AnonymousDown was, of course
[6:13pm] Kalypto: Chatter. please stop for a second and let them work this out.
[6:13pm] earlgrey left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[6:13pm] • chatterbox stomps on the ground
[6:13pm] wtf: its not chatter, but anything for you
[6:13pm] BarrettBrown: and Mach seems to be involved
[6:13pm] chatterbox: getting sick of this same old convo…. w/e
[6:13pm] wtf is now known as cep.
[6:13pm] BarrettBrown: and is agan bothering me via PM
[6:13pm] tyrdr0p:
[6:13pm] tyrdr0p: cep
[6:13pm] chatterbox: grrr
[6:13pm] tyrdr0p: love it
[6:13pm] chatterbox: cep is cooler yay
[6:13pm] cep: yeah, but look at his name!
[6:13pm] chatterbox: wtf is CTCP version mean???
[6:13pm] tyrdr0p: Alright
[6:13pm] tyrdr0p: Chatter
[6:13pm] mach: Because of my distaste for your methods Mr. Brown, you presume to call me collaborative with your enemies? Quite a leap, if I may say.
[6:13pm] tyrdr0p: stfu
[6:13pm] chatterbox: sorry
[6:13pm] chatterbox: =[
[6:13pm] tyrdr0p: let them continue
[6:14pm] earlgrey joined the chat room.
[6:14pm] cep: he had that before ops were ever in #jester
[6:14pm] earlgrey left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[6:14pm] BarrettBrown: mach: That doesn’t make sense in this context and does not begin to address what I have said
[6:14pm] chatterbox: sorry lol, continue folks, the quicker this is over with the better
[6:14pm] earlgrey joined the chat room.
[6:14pm] BarrettBrown: I’m noting something you did
[6:14pm] BarrettBrown: Very specifically
[6:15pm] earlgrey is now known as Clockwork.
[6:15pm] BarrettBrown: You’re not able to defend it
[6:15pm] Asherah: Just to clairify AGAIN, as you seem to have missed my PB the first nine times I posted it: Backtrace is not “collaborating” with anyone here. We have no need of it.
[6:15pm] Anonymous left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[6:15pm] mach: To defend what? Your random ideas? Probably not.
[6:15pm] BarrettBrown: Some don’t deny working with you, Asherah
[6:15pm] cep: would it make you feel better BB, if mach deletes that tweet?
[6:15pm] BarrettBrown: no
[6:16pm] mach: Hang on everyone. Let us speak on this.
[6:16pm] BarrettBrown: It shows that she’s involved with these bizarre people
[6:16pm] cep: thank you asherah
[6:16pm] Asherah: The fact that some in here have similar opinions and goals is called freedom of expression and freedom of association, I believe you’re familiar with the idea.
[6:16pm] You were granted voice by Sonar_Guy.
[6:16pm] Sonar_Guy made this room moderated for normal users.
[6:16pm] mach: You are saying that one tweet is some kind of evidence to you Mr. Brown?
[6:16pm] BarrettBrown: Obviously no one is opposed to freedom of expression
[6:17pm] BarrettBrown: I’m talking about conduct that is unethical
[6:17pm] mach: What conduct of mine do you find unethical?
[6:17pm] BarrettBrown: I’m saying that you’re using that freedom in a dishonest way, not trying to violate your rights, and you know that perfectly well
[6:17pm] BarrettBrown: Please address the issue I’ve brought up and which you’ve deflected a number of times
[6:18pm] BarrettBrown: You said that Jessica was no 16
[6:18pm] BarrettBrown: How did you com to have an opinion on her age
[6:18pm] BarrettBrown: If you had never looked into her?
[6:18pm] Clockwork is now known as earlgrey.
[6:18pm] BarrettBrown: Please give me an answer that addresses the question
[6:18pm] mach: Wait — who are you talking to?
[6:18pm] BarrettBrown: Asherah
[6:18pm] Sonar_Guy: BarrettBrown: he can not talk right now
[6:19pm] cep: give her voice?
[6:19pm] cep: him?
[6:19pm] earlgrey is now known as Clockwork.
[6:19pm] BarrettBrown: you were right the first time
[6:20pm] Sonar_Guy: no let mach and BarrettBrown finish their discussion.
[6:20pm] mach: May I have a conversation with Mr. Brown first?
[6:20pm] Sonar_Guy: I am curious to see what happens
[6:20pm] mach: Then you all can jump in
[6:20pm] Sonar_Guy: mach you and he have the floor!
[6:20pm] tyrdr0p: Alright. mach and BarrettBrown
[6:20pm] BarrettBrown: Yes. As I’ve said, Mach, you are clearly in constant communication with Asherah about me and other Anons
[6:20pm] Kalypto left the chat room.
[6:20pm] tyrdr0p: Whoever wants voice after that, let me know via PM
[6:20pm] tyrdr0p: Now.
[6:21pm] BarrettBrown: With the purpose of compiling information about them and making very malicious claims about us, such as that Emma tweet of yours
[6:21pm] The_Upright_Man joined the chat room.
[6:21pm] mach: And what makes you think that Mr. Brown?
[6:22pm] BarrettBrown: Which uses malevolent language in an effort to make some fact-free characterization about me “pimping out” Emma and telling some unspecified “lecherous laws”
[6:22pm] BarrettBrown: That’s frankly bizarre
[6:22pm] mach: *lies
[6:22pm] BarrettBrown: Yes, lies, sorry
[6:22pm] chatterbox: =[
[6:22pm] BarrettBrown: And you have no reason to describe Emma or myself in that language
[6:22pm] mach: That’s pretty lame evidence you have there.
[6:23pm] BarrettBrown: particularly Emma
[6:23pm] BarrettBrown: that’s not the evidence
[6:23pm] BarrettBrown: that’s a part of the evidence
[6:23pm] mach: And the rest?
[6:23pm] BarrettBrown: That others here have informed me that you’ve been trading info with her
[6:23pm] BarrettBrown: And it’s also obvious from the fact that you are the one person who wants me banned from these channels
[6:24pm] mach: The others — that’s fairly ambiguous.
[6:24pm] BarrettBrown: No kidding
[6:24pm] BarrettBrown: I’m not telling you names
[6:24pm] BarrettBrown: Obviously, though, some people disapprove of your behavior and that of Asherah
[6:24pm] BarrettBrown: Because they know that many Anons are good people
[6:24pm] BarrettBrown: Who are using no worse methods than Asherah or Jester
[6:25pm] mach: I don’t like you, I don’t want you in #jester, I don’t want a lot of anons in #jester due to the ongoing drama and threats to innocent bystanders.
[6:25pm] BarrettBrown: You don’t want me making my case here
[6:25pm] BarrettBrown: that’s when you or jester ban me
[6:25pm] BarrettBrown: you didn’t want me talking about metal gear
[6:25pm] BarrettBrown: lest people get interested in the work I’m doing
[6:25pm] mach: But that does not mean I am out to do anything to you besides removing you from my immediate area.
[6:26pm] BarrettBrown: and see that I’m not deserving of what Asherah hopes to cause to happen to me
[6:26pm] BarrettBrown: No kidding, but you have very strong reasons to do so
[6:26pm] BarrettBrown: Reasons that no one else seems to have
[6:26pm] Sonar_Guy was demoted from operator by Sonar_Guy.
[6:26pm] BarrettBrown: Because no one else here other than Asherah and Zud are committed to me going to prison, being humiliated, being libeled
[6:27pm] BarrettBrown: Asherah is entirely unhinged
[6:27pm] mach: Well, that’s what make horse racing not isn’t it.
[6:27pm] BarrettBrown: For some reason she claimed yesterday that there was no documentary crew at the rally I spoke at
[6:27pm] mach: This is not about them, this is about you saying off the wall things about me.
[6:27pm] BarrettBrown: apparently based on a picture that showed me and some people in the background
[6:27pm] BarrettBrown: it’s fucking insane
[6:28pm] BarrettBrown: Also claimed I sold the “publicity rights” to Anonymous
[6:28pm] BarrettBrown: which is entirely insane
[6:28pm] BarrettBrown: You don’t really mind off-the-wall claims, mach
[6:28pm] BarrettBrown: Asherah makes them every day
[6:28pm] BarrettBrown: verifiably untrue claims for which she never apologizes or acknowledges being wrong
[6:28pm] mach: I do not tell Asherah or zud or anyone else how to run their lives.
[6:29pm] cep: sometimes we tweet things without fully thinking out that it will butthurt someone. bb forgive mach. the only mention i’ve heard of your girlfriend and her 16 yo daughter is from you, BB. That is why it is easily confused with the 16yo girl(Kayla)meme that exists since hbgary. i suspect if you quit ranting about it, it will die. even asherah explains that she isn’t after her. if you feel
[6:29pm] cep: this strongly, what the fuck is up with #sonyrecon and them actively looking for sony kids. old record is old
[6:29pm] BarrettBrown: whereas when I make a mistake, I apologize and try not to make it again
[6:29pm] mach: I only tell people what is not allowed in mine.
[6:29pm] BarrettBrown: the idea that I’m some terrible person is nonsense
[6:29pm] BarrettBrown: Okay, your retorts don’t really address anything I’m saying
[6:29pm] mach: I don’t have to like you any more than you have to like me.
[6:30pm] BarrettBrown: These are just weird cliches and phrases that you’ve picked up
[6:30pm] cep: nless nonsensical than you thinking mach is a terrible person, seriously
[6:30pm] BarrettBrown: I don’t think we have much else to discuss, can you just leave me alone?
[6:30pm] cep: dude, notice how i picked up and disected your backroom info in 5 seconds? i’m fucking goodd like that
[6:30pm] BarrettBrown: Like, not tweet terrible things about me, not kick me from here
[6:31pm] BarrettBrown: And not talk nonsense about me as you’ve been doing for several days
[6:31pm] Kalypto joined the chat room.
[6:31pm] Kalypto was promoted to operator by sid.
[6:31pm] Kalypto was demoted from operator by Kalypto.
[6:31pm] mach: I will kick whomever I feel needs kicked. I would prefer not to kick anyone in here. That is why I don’t op much.
[6:32pm] BarrettBrown: Okay, there are other chanops here who don’t think I should be kicked
[6:32pm] mach: What nonsense have I been talking about you?
[6:32pm] BarrettBrown: Are you serious?
[6:32pm] BarrettBrown: You referred to me in malicious terms several times here and even tweeted about me
[6:32pm] mach: I know. And that’s fine, so long as you don’t give me a good reason to, it’s all good here.
[6:33pm] BarrettBrown: about me “pimping out” Emma and this shit
[6:33pm] BarrettBrown: Okay, fine then
[6:33pm] BarrettBrown: I’ll try not to give you good reason to, I’m just here to talk about internet activism
[6:35pm] mach: And I am here to talk to you about you.
[6:35pm] tyrdr0p: So is this done?
[6:35pm] mach: Now, how does you and I not getting along with each other end up in me being named as a part of Backtrace again?
[6:36pm] • tyrdr0p zips lip again
[6:37pm] mach: Because I fail to follow your reasoning so far.
[6:38pm] BarrettBrown: No kidding, you’re misstating my reasoning
[6:38pm] BarrettBrown: I didn’t say that you and I not getting along means you’re in Backtrace
[6:38pm] Anonymous joined the chat room.
[6:39pm] mach: So I am asking … trying to clarify.
[6:39pm] BarrettBrown: I just gave you several reasons that together comprise a strong case that you are involved in Asherah’s efforts and helping to convey her assertions
[6:39pm] BarrettBrown: Where did you learn about Emma, for instance?
[6:40pm] BarrettBrown: Who told you that I intentionally caused Emma to be attacked so I could win sympathy?
[6:40pm] mach: I like Asherah, but it doesn’t imply I work with her.
[6:40pm] BarrettBrown: And where would get enough information about that to make such a malicious assessment?
[6:40pm] BarrettBrown: Okay, that does not even close to answering my questions
[6:40pm] BarrettBrown: Mach, you’re a dishonest person
[6:41pm] mach: You did Mr. Brown. You told everybody everything that was going on with Emma and that whole situation.
[6:41pm] BarrettBrown: Nope
[6:41pm] BarrettBrown: you talked to Asherah about it
[6:41pm] mach: You brought it into #jester, you tweeted it, you pastebinned convos and rants.
[6:41pm] BarrettBrown: I did
[6:41pm] BarrettBrown: but you got your take on it from Asherah
[6:42pm] mach: And you haven’t shut up about it since… can’t avoid it if you try.
[6:42pm] BarrettBrown: Okay
[6:42pm] mach: No, I got my take on it from listening to you and seeing for myself. I’m like that.
[6:42pm] BarrettBrown: No, you’re not
[6:43pm] BarrettBrown: Are you telling me you don’t talk to Asherash about these things?
[6:43pm] BarrettBrown: And as I’ve asked you, where would you get enough information to determine what you claimed about me on Twitter?
[6:43pm] mach: Thanks to your mouth, I don’t need to.
[6:44pm] mach: It’s crystal f’n clear.
[6:44pm] BarrettBrown: You have
[6:44pm] BarrettBrown: That’s why you answer questions in this deflective way
[6:44pm] BarrettBrown: Where you never actually say no
[6:45pm] mach: Nothing deflective about ir.
[6:45pm] mach: *it
[6:46pm] mach: If Asherah and myself wished to talk about you, you can bet neither of us will ask your permission first.
[6:46pm] BarrettBrown: Yes, yes
[6:46pm] mach: However, Asherah has respected that in #jester there is to be none of that type of thing going on.
[6:47pm] BarrettBrown: yes, that’s a new policy
[6:47pm] BarrettBrown: this was going on before that and now it goes on here
[6:47pm] Clockwork is now known as totallybored.
[6:47pm] mach: There is no Backtrace running out of #jester any more than what everyone else does with their time is “run” out of #jester.
[6:48pm] mach: Not a new policy, has been in effect quite a long time.
[6:48pm] BarrettBrown: Then it was being violated, it’s not a secret that Asherah PM’s with other anti-Anons there
[6:49pm] BarrettBrown: and that jester approves
[6:49pm] mach: Whatever you like to believe. But what you print is another thing.
[6:49pm] mach: I am tending to agree with the audience here, this is sooooooo boring now.
[6:50pm] mach: Can we cut to the chase so I can leave soon?
[6:50pm] totallybored is now known as earlgrey.
[6:50pm] mach: Do not make false, or unfounded accusations about me or anyone else in #jester.
[6:50pm] BarrettBrown: I’d prefer not to talk to you again; you’ve been transparently dishonest and weirdly rude
[6:50pm] BarrettBrown: You’ve ignored questions
[6:51pm] BarrettBrown: And provided dismissive answers to others that make it clear what the real answers are
[6:51pm] mach: I have not been dishonest in the slightest, what questions have I ignored?
[6:52pm] Sonar_Guy was promoted to operator by sid.
[6:52pm] AD joined the chat room.
[6:52pm] AD was promoted to operator by sid.
[6:53pm] BarrettBrown: Did you or did you not discuss the Emma situation with Asherah?
[6:53pm] BarrettBrown: Answer without noting that you don’t need my permission to talk to Asherah or some other non-sequitor
[6:53pm] mach: None of your business. However, I am not a part of Backtrace.
[6:53pm] BarrettBrown: See, you have
[6:54pm] BarrettBrown: You’re claiming my own claims are groundless but won’t even refute them
[6:54pm] mach: I did not say I had, I had already told you that it was you that the information came from.
[6:54pm] BarrettBrown: Just stop
[6:54pm] BarrettBrown: I don’t want to talk to you anymore
[6:54pm] AnonymousDown was kicked from the chat room by AD. (AnonymousDown)
[6:54pm] BarrettBrown: You’re a ridiculous person and you need to think about how you conduct yourself
[6:54pm] mach: What I am saying is that you have a lot of nerve demanding any such answers.

Banned from everywhere

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