Raw documents concerning FBI informant Jennifer Emick, HBGary, Sam Biddle, Special Agent Daniel Borsuk, and Anonymous

Bloomberg panel on cyber security, a few months before I was dragged to prison by a SWAT team, and a few months after FBI first executed search warrant over my work

May 7 2012 — Sam Biddle, then with Gizmodo/Gawker, asks me to email him. Turns out he’s writing about the admitted FBI informant Jennifer Emick, who as Biddle will note in his resulting article worked for “secret clients” (mostly HBGary, starting after Anonymous hack that reveals the Themis scandal in Feb 2011; her correspondence with the firm’s executives was hacked around this time by the obscure hacking crew UGNazi, while her chats with her FBI handler are now also available). I provide him with a lengthy treatise on what she’d been caught lying about in her claims to other press over last year, plus documentation of her habit of harassing family members of suspected Anons and even an ex-girlfriend of mine who praised the Anonymous Tunisia campaign on Twitter. Nothing of what I told him made it into the article; indeed, things I’d refuted were nonetheless published. It was an odd incident; later, Biddle would celebrate my sentencing — making him one of two prominent media professionals known to have done so, with the other one being white nationalist Robert Stacy McCain, whom I’d doggedly pursued in my earlier years and who likewise did much to present Emick’s falsehoods as truth, even allowing her to write blog posts about me and related matters.

On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 2:39 PM, Sam Biddle <sbiddle@gizmodo.com> wrote

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m actually just wondering if you can provide me with a quick overview of your relationship with Jennifer Emick, and how she’s become such a target within the community. thanks, sam

— Sam Biddle Staff Writer, Gizmodo Twitter: Sam Biddle

— — — Forwarded Message — — — — Subject:Re: Barrett hereDate: Mon, 7 May 2012 16:17:53 -0500From:Barrett Brown <barriticus@gmail.com>To:Sam Biddle <sbiddle@gizmodo.com>

Well, it would be difficult to give a brief overview on that, as this
actually goes back years to when she was involved in Chanology and got
into some massive dispute with other participants. I wasn’t around
then, as I only got involved with Anonymous when OpTunisia began. I
first encountered her under her Twitter handle “FakeGreggHoush” -
Gregg Housh is one of the guys who helped to launch Chanology and was
outed by the Church afterwards, and she blames him for whatever went
down back then. I’m assuming you’ve talked to her, in which case she
will have probably told you that Housh is responsible for any number
of terrible things that happened to her back then. She will have also
told you a number of things about me. One of the things she’ll
probably have told you is that I threatened her. This is true in a
sense; I threatened to “dox” her after she had spent the day
attempting to dox various Anonymous participants, all of whom she
terms “criminals” and occasionally “terrorists.” She claims to have
given the message I left her to the FBI, which is probably true; she’s
an FBI informant of some sort, or at any rate has been in perpetual
contact with a special agent to the FBI who has been looking into
matters relating to Anonymous for a while. Recently she claimed on her
Twitter account — which is now changed to “AsheraResearch” — that I
tried to hack her phone.

The thing about Emick is that she denied being “FakeGreggHoush” for
almost a year, and denied being the “Asherah” behind Backtrace
Security. Those of us who claimed that she was, and who pointed to her
personal disputes with a handful of others as the likely source of her
obsession with the movement, she constantly dismissed as “idiots.”
When a profile was done on me and my early work with Anonymous on the
matters of Tunisia and HBGary, she again claimed not to be Emick and
cited some other person as her real identity. Later she publicly
threatened to “expose” the writer, Tim Rogers, to his editor for some
unspecified thing. Incidentally, that article just won the National
Magazine Award a few days ago. And, of course, she spoke at Defcon
last year, thereby confirming that she was in fact Jennifer Emick. Her
explanation for having concealed her identity was that she was afraid
for her life, which probably wouldn’t explain why she was nonetheless
willing to show up at a convention full of Anons. If you’d like to
know more about the ways in which she leveraged this untruth into a
means of libeling others, you might want to speak to “Laurelai,” or
“Stuxnetsource” on Twitter, who was one of the people she convinced of

The other person I would suggest you speak to is her former “partner”
in Backtrace Security, who went by “Hubris” and spoke with her at
Defcon and other conferences. They had a sort of splitting up
recently, and apparently she’s threatening to sue him over the company
name. She’ll tell you that he’s recently suffered a nervous breakdown.
I see no evidence of his; having had to deal with him when he’s come
into some of the collaborative documents we were using for
investigations last year, he doesn’t seem to be acting any differently
now then he did back then. He’s backtracesec on Twitter, and not long
ago he published e-mail correspondence between the two of them that
will give you a sense of their activities together.

I really would have preferred not to be involved in all of this, but I
was very upset at the very haphazard way in which she was going after
people who involved themselves in the Anon movement. One of them was a
woman with whom I had a sort of relationship and who was very
enthusiastic about the Arab Spring operations; one of Emick’s partners
threatened to dox her and her 16-year-old daughter last year, and of
course Emick — who was still denying that she was Emick — defended
this as reasonable since the woman was allegedly “consorting with
criminals.” Here is a link to conversations I had with Emick, under
her name “Asherah,” around that time, as well as with one of her
partners, Zud: http://pastebin.com/yPvN5TFL

She actually posted the entirety of this conversation herself from her
Twitter for “context,” so its authenticity is not disputed. If you ask
her about the incident, she will now claim that my girlfriend is 24
years old, and thus it’s impossible for her to have a child that old -
something she said a few weeks ago on her Twitter feed. She is
thinking of an entirely different girlfriend, who is referenced in an
article about me, and who I’m not longer dating. That’s one of the
problems with her approach to “investigating” people — she will not
admit to mistakes. See the conversation linked to above for a better
sense of that.

Finally, I will note, and her estranged partner will confirm (as he
has done on Twitter recently), that Emick collaborated with executives
at HBGary — Greg Hoglund and Jim Butterworth — against Anonymous after
the episode in which HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr wrongly announced
that he had discovered Anon’s leadership, and HBGary was hacked, with
the e-mails revealing a series of conspiracies whereby Barr and others
were planning to set up activist groups for fraud. Apparently she was
never paid for her work despite turning in an invoice, but I can’t
confirm that. All of this was suspected for a while, but only
confirmed recently after the UGNazi group hacked her e-mails and
released portions of them. Likely she will tell you that some of them
are real but some of them are fake; HBGary made the same claim when
their own e-mails were released a year ago. Apparently she signed an
NDA with them, which is understandable; Aaron Barr, with whom she
appears to have been in contact as well, is also restricted from
talking about what he did at the company, although a great deal of
that is of course known by the e-mails, and what the e-mails show is a
pattern of extraordinary dishonesty and a willingness to set up
activists using techniques that are still relatively unknown, and thus
impossible to defend against. Here are the FBI/Emick e-mails that the
hacker group released: http://ugnazi.com/dumps/pics/FBI/

The reason I have to keep up with all of this is that I was raided by
the FBI last March, and there’s some sort of sealed affidavit as well.
I have no way of knowing how much of Emick’s “work” for the agency
contributes to whatever they might think I did — as you’ll see in the
conversation, she was in the habit of gloating about how I would be
imprisoned — but my concern is that she has been quite wrong about a
number of matters, has nothing to lose by being wrong, and clearly has
a very strong psychological need to feel a degree of triumph over
those associated with Anonymous, regardless of whether or not the
means of that triumph are ethical or truthful. And of course the FBI
didn’t seem to have any problem using someone as a “witness” or
whatever she was to them who was also harassing many of the very same
people, lying about them, and all the rest.

If you any specific questions about any of this, please feel free to
ask. As you can probably tell, this is a complex story, and to the
extent that you look into it, you’re going to find a lot of bizarre
little departures. I don’t doubt that Emick has been the victim of
some terrible behavior, and I’m sure she’s upset about the ways in
which the internet can be cruel, but she’s very clearly taking out her
frustrations on a large number of people who got involved with
Anonymous for positive reasons, who have nothing to do with whatever
disputes she had years ago, and who aren’t used to having to contend
with someone who has so much time on her hands and so little concern
for those who might be unfairly targeted by her own network of people,
some of whom are very cruel indeed.

Sam Biddle’s resulting article was widely panned by everyone with knowledge of the situation — even including another FBI informant who knew Jen and worked with the same handler to track Anonymous activity, as seen in the below excerpt of an email sent to Biddle (and later leaked, along with additional correspondence, by a third FBI informant working under the very same handler as the other two, to whom she’d sent a copy).

Neither this nor another message containing links to logs refuting some of Jen’s story were enough to get Biddle to make any corrections to an article that served only to discredit an activist movement of which dozens of suspected participants had been raided at gunpoint by FBI agents for possible roles in DDOS attacks on MasterCard’s corporate website, for instance (40 U.S. households were hit in late January alone). As of today, the article itself has been read by over 270,000 people and cited elsewhere in the press. It was one of HBGary’s greatest victories, coming as it did while many of us were facing the prospect of decades in prison and would depend upon public awareness to raise legal funds and challenge dangerous precedents sought by the DOJ, such as occurred in my case. That the individual cited as having made the most explicit threats against Emick was in fact Emick’s own former partner, an ex-military man whom she’d happily sicced not only on Anons, or those wrongly believed to be Anons, but also their families, and in some cases their children.

In his defense, Biddle did offer Hallissey a chance to respond to his piece. It is telling that this offer was extended to another FBI informant, and not to me or anyone else belonging to the movement that Biddle broke every journalistic convention in order to libel.

A few years later, when I was sentenced against a backdrop of widespread sympathy for my case and renewed attention to the research that my volunteers at Project PM and I had conducted without pay, pursued by our subjects, Biddle celebrated the additional two years I was made to serve, along with the $890,000 restitution added by the judge regarding a hack overseen by the FBI itself. He also got my charges wrong, then made a correction; he still left one out, this being the one they had settled on to justify the case itself — accessory after the fact for calling the executives of Stratfor and offering to arrange for the hackers to redact anything in the emails they’d stolen that might get the firm’s contacts abroad injured or killed. Biddle was not overly scrupulous about any of this:

Way back in 2011, things were going very well for Barrett Brown, a hacker groupie-cum-journalist who’d made some friends in Anonymous, the once-fearsome online collective. Today, he was sentenced to 63 months in prison after aiding them in their reign of crimes and bullshit theatrics.

Most of his links went to articles by Adrian Chen, of whom I have written more elsewhere. The one establishing “crimes” led to his article on the March 2012 FBI raid in which the feds searched my apartment and then my mother’s home in the course of carrying out a search warrant. As Biddle’s polar opposite number Michael Hastings pointed out in Buzzfeed, and as Chen naturally failed to note, the warrant listed Project PM’s website, the firm Endgame Systems — and HBGary, for which Biddle had done such a favor already.

A few years after that, both Biddle and I were writing for The Intercept — myself as a columnist who often wrote from the hole, where I was held for “investigations” and sometimes actual offenses like possessing a cup of hooch; Biddle in my old beat, covering firms like Palantir, though nary with a mention of the conspiracy against the press and the public itself that tied it to HBGary and left my friends and I as the ultimate casualties, with my mom sentenced as collateral damage. Lately, Biddle’s Palantir articles have failed to even mention the Cambrige Analytica scandal it was caught in just a year prior. But his most notable story was that of Reality Winner, which he was given to work on with several colleagues just two years after chortling over my own fate, and five since smoothing the way for it with Emick.

Happily I would win the National Magazine Award while in prison. A few months ago I burned it. Sadly, I could only burn it once.


Jennifer Emick (Asherah) explains why she gets to look into the children of political enemies, just like her employers at HBGary. I pasted this convo — which was also logged and made party of my discovery — shortly after the conversation occurred in late March or early April 2011. Emick at this point was still denying being Asherah, and vice versa. It starts with a brief intro, in italics.

  1. Backtrace and its Discontents
  2. I’ve recently had conversations with two of Backtrace Security’s esteemed members, Ashura (Jennifer Emick) and a guy named Zud, at 2600.net, where they have been in the habit of hanging out at #jester for the purpose of sharing information with AnonymousDown pursuant to their common goal of getting participants sent to prison. Although AnonymousDown promised to me as well as several concerned #jester chanops that he would no longer involve himself in those sorts of activities — which have included threats to dox my ex-girlfriend and her sixteen-year-old daughter on Twitter — Backtrace seems pretty emotionally invested in attacking a great number of people, even those who are only associated with Anonymous via our efforts to assist North Africans and the like.
  3. Incidentally, Asherah was already known to be behind Backtrace, and further information may be seen here: http://www.jenniferemick.com/opinions/omg-i-am-a-star/
  4. Zud, who went by FakeTopiary on Twitter until wisely deleting that account and switching over to Patriotic Nigra, spoke to me several weeks ago on 2600, at which point I only knew that he was an emotionally disturbed douchebag without knowing specifically which emotionally disturbed douchebag he happened to be.
  5. [00:18] <BarrettBrown> AnonymousDown
  6. [00:18] <BarrettBrown> has some “numbers”
  7. [00:18] <BarrettBrown> won’t stop until I’m in prison
  8. [00:18] <BarrettBrown> and then will keep harassing Emma
  9. [00:19] <BarrettBrown> both of them go after Emmma
  10. [00:19] <BarrettBrown> he was talking about it just now
  11. [00:19] <BarrettBrown> it’s not enough that I’m going to prison
  12. [00:19] <BarrettBrown> he has to try to fuck with a woman whom I still love
  13. [00:19] <BarrettBrown> that’s who he is
  14. [00:19] <zud> Emma has made herself a target by being part of the chaos that is Anonymous Operations
  15. 00:20] <BarrettBrown> and she got involved because off Tunisia
  16. [00:20] <BarrettBrown> she works with refugees
  17. [00:20] <BarrettBrown> mostly Arab women who escaped Islam
  18. [00:20] <BarrettBrown> now she’s a “target”
  19. [00:20] <BarrettBrown> she doesn’t even do the job for money
  20. [00:20] <BarrettBrown> she holds another job at a fucking flower shop
  21. [00:20] <zud> to be honest
  22. [00:20] <zud> Emma Allan’s just a standard religious biggot
  23. [00:20] <BarrettBrown> I know what she is
  24. [00:20] <zud> The word Scientologists use so frequently applies to her so well
  25. [00:20] <zud> I’ve read her papers on religions
  26. [00:21] <BarrettBrown> she’s opposed to them, yes, particularly Islam
  27. [00:21] <zud> she’s a standard issue atheist scumbag
  28. [00:21] <BarrettBrown> she’s into women’s rights, you see
  29. [00:21] <BarrettBrown> oh, okay
  30. [00:21] <BarrettBrown> she’s an atheist
  31. [00:21] <BarrettBrown> and here I was defending her
  32. [00:21] <zud> she’s a hate monger in addition to that
  33. [00:21] <BarrettBrown> she should probably go to prison too
  34. [00:21] <zud> no she should burn in hell
  35. [00:21] <BarrettBrown> well, is that enough for you?
  36. [00:21] <zud> she hasn’t broken any man-made laws yet that I’m
  37. [00:37] <BarrettBrown> but seriously, man
  38. [00:37] <BarrettBrown> I just don’t want someone’s teenage daughter threatened
  39. [00:37] <BarrettBrown> that’s fucking bullshit
  40. [00:37] <zud> what if the mother gets tormented then?
  41. 00:38] <BarrettBrown> I don’t want that either. She did nothing other than try to help organize Arab women for reform
  42. [00:39] <zud> I don’t particularly care for people who interfere in other countries business either
  43. [00:39] <BarrettBrown> She didn’t realize that anyone who associates with Anonymous was going to be targeted
  44. [00:40] <zud> I don’t particularly care for people who interfere in other countries business either <=== THIS
  45. [00:40] <BarrettBrown> not a Bush fan, eh?
  46. [00:40] <BarrettBrown> I’ve got to go
  47. [00:40] <zud> I don’t think white people need to bother sand niggers
  48. [00:41] <zud> they lived that way for hundreds of years before we got involved
  49. Yesterday, after I was shown proof that Zud was FakeTopiary/Patriotic Nigra/Some Backtrace weirdo, he PMed me at 2600, and eventually confirmed his identity.
  50. [22:49] <zud> I mean, you know that I’m @patrioticnigra/@faketopiary right?
  51. Today I PMed Asherah upon being informed that she is FakeGreggHoush. I showed her zed’s comments and asked her about the threats to dox Emma and her daughter.
  52. [17:05] <Asherah> Because i don’t have time for your schoolgirl complaints
  53. [17:06] <BarrettBrown> You have plenty of time
  54. [17:06] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  55. [17:06] <Asherah> and no amount of whining about zud or anyone else
  56. [17:06] <Asherah> will change the course that has been laid
  57. [17:06] <BarrettBrown> I’m not cool with you looking into the teenage daughter of my ex-girlfriend
  58. [17:06] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  59. [17:06] <BarrettBrown> That’s way over the line
  60. [17:06] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  61. [17:06] <BarrettBrown> And it shows
  62. [17:06] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  63. [17:06] <Asherah> I don’t care what you’re cool with
  64. [17:06] <BarrettBrown> That your alleged ethical considerations are nonsense
  65. [17:09] <Asherah> Let’s get back to the part you don’t get
  66. [17:09] <BarrettBrown> The part about you looking into a sixteen-year-old girl?
  67. [17:09] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  68. [17:09] <Asherah> Even if you could persuade me (of anything)
  69. [17:09] <Asherah> it’s already too late
  70. [17:09] <BarrettBrown> Because she committed the crime of being the daughter of someone I love?
  71. [17:09] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  72. [17:09] <Asherah> What’s coming is coming
  73. [17:09] <Asherah> it’s over
  74. [17:10] <Asherah> Nobody cares about your girlfriend
  75. [17:10] <Asherah> or anyone she’s with
  76. [17:10] <BarrettBrown> Except for you and Zud
  77. [17:10] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  78. [17:10] <BarrettBrown> Who care quite a bit
  79. [17:10] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  80. [17:10] <Asherah> and you are harping on it because you like the sympathy
  81. [17:10] <BarrettBrown> You’ve personally harassed her
  82. [17:10] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  83. [17:10] <Asherah> You’re a pretty suck guy
  84. [17:10] <BarrettBrown> She was frightened out of her mind and didn’t understand why you would do that
  85. [17:10] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  86. [17:10] <BarrettBrown> She works with fucking refugees
  87. [17:10] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  88. [17:11] <BarrettBrown> And she was keen on OpTunisia
  89. [17:11] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  90. [17:11] <Asherah> I never even knew her name until she jumped into the fight
  91. [17:11] <BarrettBrown> And you guys harassed her
  92. [17:11] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  93. [17:11] <BarrettBrown> She didn’t jump into any fight
  94. [17:11] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  95. [17:11] <BarrettBrown> She promoted OpTunisia
  96. [17:11] <Asherah> If she’s frightened, she should not be cheerleading criminals and terrorists
  97. [17:11] <Asherah> I don’t care
  98. [17:11] <BarrettBrown> I know you don’t
  99. [17:11] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  100. [17:11] <BarrettBrown> You have no ethics
  101. [17:11] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  102. [17:11] <Asherah> I never saw her before she jumped in making dumb threats on twitter
  103. [17:11] <Asherah> That said
  104. [17:11] <BarrettBrown> She never made any threats
  105. [17:11] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  106. [17:12] <Asherah> I will not discuss the Barrett Brown pity play any longer
  107. [17:12] <BarrettBrown> You’re a low person, and I hope you get help
  108. [17:12] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  109. [17:12] <Asherah> If your GF is truly concerned for her daughter
  110. [17:12] <Asherah> She will stop risking jail
  111. [17:12] <BarrettBrown> There’s something very wrong with you
  112. [17:12] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  113. [17:12] <BarrettBrown> She’s not risking jail
  114. [17:12] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  115. [17:12] <Asherah> Says the “life ruiner”
  116. [17:12] <Asherah> She is definitely risking jail
  117. [17:12] <BarrettBrown> How the fuck is she risking jail by providing assistance to Arab women?
  118. [17:12] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  119. [17:12] <Asherah> She’s consorting with crimninals
  120. [17:13] <Asherah> CommanderX is a fugitive
  121. [17:13] <BarrettBrown> She doesn’t know CommanderX
  122. [17:13] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  123. [17:13] <Asherah> He’s on a no fly list
  124. [17:13] <Asherah> Wolfy is AWOl from the army
  125. [17:13] <BarrettBrown> and you’re just trying to come up with reasons to justify something unjustifiable
  126. [17:13] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  127. [17:13] <Asherah> and about to do very hard time
  128. [17:13] <Asherah> possibly face treason charges
  129. [17:13] <BarrettBrown> You have no idea what Emma does and who she knows but you harassed her anyway
  130. [17:13] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  131. [17:13] <Asherah> You kids just don’t seem to get through your thick skulls how badly you fucked up
  132. [17:13] <BarrettBrown> And the manner in which you did so
  133. [17:13] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  134. [17:13] <BarrettBrown> Shows that there’s something else driving you to do this
  135. [17:13] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  136. [17:14] <Asherah> I’m not trying to justify myself
  137. [17:15] <Asherah> and the people going to prison
  138. [17:16] <BarrettBrown> You need to think hard about what you’re doing and why.
  139. [17:16] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  140. [17:16] <Asherah> are still going to prison
  141. [17:16] <BarrettBrown> I know
  142. [17:16] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  143. [17:16] <Asherah> no matter how much you emote about how much it personally hurts you that someone annoyed your girlfriend
  144. [17:16] <BarrettBrown> I’m going to try to prevent that from happening by providing them legal assistance when I can.
  145. [17:16] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  146. [17:16] <Asherah> I am not “doing.”
  147. [17:16] <Asherah> I have already done.
  148. [17:17] <Asherah> All that remains is some coordination between the many agencies you have pissed off
  149. [17:17] <Asherah> Arrests have already been made
  150. [17:17] <BarrettBrown> Why are you telling me these things?
  151. [17:17] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  152. [17:17] <Asherah> Because
  153. [17:17] <Asherah> there is nothing you can do
  154. [17:17] <BarrettBrown> Not because you want to feel triumph or anything, right?
  155. [17:17] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  156. [17:17] <Asherah> because you need to know you’re tilting at a windmill
  157. [17:18] <BarrettBrown> And you want me to know that for what reason?
  158. [17:18] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  159. [17:18] <BarrettBrown> Think hard
  160. [17:18] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  161. [17:19] <Asherah> So you don’t continue the delusion you can sway me by calling people racists or your other get Barrett sympathy stories
  162. [17:19] <BarrettBrown> You really don’t consider zud to be a racist based on what he said about “sand niggers”?
  163. [17:19] <BarrettBrown> Who just can’t help but fight each other, regardless of white people intervening?
  164. [17:19] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  165. [17:20] <Asherah> Again, that’s not something I have any plans to discuss with you
  166. [17:20] <BarrettBrown> And that he considers Emma to be one of those “white people” and also, by virtue of being an atheist, deserving to burn in hell?
  167. [17:20] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  168. [17:20] <Asherah> and you don’t care
  169. [17:20] <BarrettBrown> You already discussed it
  170. [17:20] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  171. [17:20] <Asherah> You’re looking for wedge
  172. [17:20] <Asherah> to break something apart that doesn’t exist
  173. [17:20] <Asherah> is pathetic
  174. [17:21] <Asherah> Zud is a social engineer
  175. [17:21] <BarrettBrown> You’d prefer not to pursue it because it shows what you people are really about
  176. [17:21] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  177. [17:21] <Asherah> He says things
  178. [17:21] <Asherah> it’s his job to say things that bother people and get them to react
  179. [17:21] <BarrettBrown> No, that’s not what you said earlier
  180. [17:21] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  181. [17:21] <BarrettBrown> You just said you didn’t care and that it’s not your business
  182. [17:21] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  183. [17:21] <Asherah> I don’t care
  184. [17:21] <BarrettBrown> Now you’re trying to pretend that it was some secret plan
  185. [17:21] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  186. [17:22] <Asherah> It’s not a secret plan
  187. [17:22] <BarrettBrown> You have this need to exude competence and superiority
  188. [17:22] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  189. [17:22] <Asherah> we’re quite open about it
  190. [17:22] <BarrettBrown> You know what I mean. That the intent was “social engineering.”
  191. [17:22] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  192. [17:22] <BarrettBrown> People like to say that when they do something stupid.
  193. [17:22] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  194. [17:22] <Asherah> and again: I don’t care. Zud is not a racist. You’re a fool. Some things are constants.
  195. [17:22] <Asherah> In our case, it is true. it is what we do.
  196. [17:23] <Asherah> Take it or lkeave it.
  197. [17:23] <BarrettBrown> “[16:43] <Asherah> If it bothers you tell his mommy”
  198. [17:23] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  199. [17:23] <BarrettBrown> That was you dismissing the obvious point
  200. [17:23] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  201. [17:23] <BarrettBrown> You know he’s a racist.
  202. [17:23] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  203. [17:23] <Asherah> I don’t know why you think i feel any need whatsoever to persuade you. I don’t.
  204. [17:23] <BarrettBrown> You also said you don’t care.
  205. [17:23] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  206. [17:23] <Asherah> I know you are not concerned for others.
  207. [17:23] <BarrettBrown> Interesting. Is that why you tried to play it off as social engineering?
  208. [17:23] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  209. [17:23] <BarrettBrown> You know nothing of the sort.
  210. [17:23] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  211. [17:23] <BarrettBrown> The people that actually know me think otherwise.
  212. [17:23] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  213. [17:24] <Asherah> You’re not as brilliant with words as you believe, Barrett. You’ll win no concessions from me.
  214. [17:24] <Asherah> And even if you did, what would that do?
  215. [17:24] <BarrettBrown> Oh, certainly.
  216. [17:24] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  217. [17:24] <Asherah> Do you think I will have a suidden epiphany that Zud is a bad guy and call the FBI and CID and tell them it was all a mistake and please not arrest people?
  218. [17:25] <BarrettBrown> No, but I want to show you that you’re not thinking clearly and that the reasons you think you have are nonsense.
  219. [17:25] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  220. [17:25] <BarrettBrown> You have personal animosity towards Gregg Housh and so does Zud.
  221. [17:25] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  222. [17:25] <BarrettBrown> That’s what unites you.
  223. [17:25] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  224. [17:25] <Asherah> There’s nothing for you to show me
  225. [17:25] <BarrettBrown> I see
  226. Later…
  227. [17:28] <Asherah> Barrett Brown, savior of the world
  228. [17:29] <Asherah> Well, you wanted a save Barrett banner, you’ll probably get one. Do heroin and write books in prison. Ideal, really. Maybe even marry your girl and get conjugal visits.
  229. [17:32] <BarrettBrown> Maybe you can cast a magic spell to get me out?
  230. [17:32] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  231. [17:34] <Asherah> Nah, I prefer to let the man with the rough hands handle you. I suspect you prefer it that way too.
  232. [17:38] <BarrettBrown> Do you really think the message I left for you two months back constitutes a “threat”?
  233. [17:38] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  234. [17:39] <Asherah> Message?
  235. [17:43] <BarrettBrown> “You are judged by the company you keep”
  236. [17:43] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  237. [17:43] <BarrettBrown> Do you agree with that?
  238. [17:43] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  239. [17:45] <BarrettBrown> Funny how Zud, of all people, is talking about Anons being racist.
  240. [17:45] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  241. [17:45] <BarrettBrown> At any rate, that quote is of course from you.
  242. [17:45] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  243. [17:45] <Asherah> I think I made it clear that I have no interest in philosophical discussion
  244. [17:45] <Asherah> What quote?
  245. [17:45] <Asherah> Make sense
  246. [17:45] <BarrettBrown> “You are judged by the company you keep.”
  247. [17:45] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  248. [17:45] <BarrettBrown> You said that.
  249. [17:45] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  250. [17:45] <BarrettBrown> Does it apply to you, too?
  251. [17:45] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  252. [17:45] <BarrettBrown> Or just your enemies?
  253. [17:45] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  254. [17:46] <Asherah> <Asherah> I think I made it clear that I have no interest in philosophical discussion
  255. [17:46] <BarrettBrown> Your definition of “philosophical discussion” is pretty broad.
  256. [17:46] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  257. [17:46] <Asherah> Could be
  258. [17:46] <BarrettBrown> And only seems to come up when your hypocrisy is noted.
  259. [17:46] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  260. [17:47] <Asherah> But I’ve already listened to an hour of your blather about how Zud’s supposed racism is supposed to have some affect on my intentions or actions
  261. [17:47] <Asherah> It doesn’t, and won’t
  262. [17:47] <BarrettBrown> Well, my point is that much of what you two say is disingenuous
  263. [17:47] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  264. [17:48] <Asherah> Well look at that
  265. [17:48] <BarrettBrown> He’s pointing to ironic references to racism by Anons as something he has a problem with when he unironically uses the term “sand niggers” out of contempt for Arabs
  266. [17:48] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  267. [17:47] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  268. [17:48] <Asherah> Well look at that
  269. [17:48] <BarrettBrown> He’s pointing to ironic references to racism by Anons as something he has a problem with when he unironically uses the term “sand niggers” out of contempt for Arabs
  270. [17:48] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  271. [17:48] <BarrettBrown> And you “judge” others by the company they keep while disregarding any points made about the company you keep.
  272. [17:48] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  273. [17:48] <BarrettBrown> Does that not bother you?
  274. [17:48] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  275. [17:49] <BarrettBrown> Do you know what Drifter does when he’s not working with you?
  276. [17:49] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  277. [17:49] <Asherah> You’re so bad at this
  278. [17:50] <BarrettBrown> Thanks for the honest assessment, disignenuous and emotionally disturbed person with whom I’m in a conflict!
  279. [17:50] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  280. [17:51] <BarrettBrown> Remember when you threatened to tell the editor of D about something you claim the editor of D did?
  281. [17:51] <BarrettBrown> That’s a good example of incompetence.
  282. [17:51] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  283. [17:51] <Asherah> ThSure thing Barrett
  284. [17:51] <Asherah> And then what?
  285. [17:51] <Asherah> Is that all you got?
  286. [17:52] <BarrettBrown> Clearly, yes, because that’s an example I used.
  287. [17:52] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  288. [17:52] <Asherah> Semi-lucid whining?
  289. [17:52] <BarrettBrown> You put out several addresses for places I don’t live.
  290. [17:52] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  291. [17:52] <BarrettBrown> In Austin.
  292. [17:52] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  293. [17:52] <BarrettBrown> when I live in Dallas.
  294. [17:52] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  295. [17:52] <Asherah> That’s irrelevant
  296. [17:52] <BarrettBrown> You’ve put down names of people who are not Anons as being in Anon and released it.
  297. [17:52] <Asherah> Cops know where you are
  298. [17:52] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  299. [17:52] <Asherah> FBI knows
  300. [17:52] <Asherah> Eveyone on the list is anon
  301. [17:53] <BarrettBrown> That’s not at all the case.
  302. [17:53] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  303. [17:53] <Asherah> Most of the list squares with the FBI’s own list
  304. [17:53] <BarrettBrown> It wasn’t the case with Aaron Barr’s list, either.
  305. [17:53] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  306. [17:53] <Asherah> That’s your claim, noted
  307. [17:53] <Asherah> and your claim is irrelevant
  308. [17:53] <Asherah> The names on the list are accurate
  309. [17:53] <BarrettBrown> Dude.
  310. [17:53] <BarrettBrown> Dude.
  311. [17:53] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  312. [17:53] <BarrettBrown> You guys yourself said otherwise to the press.
  313. [17:53] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  314. [17:53] <BarrettBrown> You admitted that a lot of it isn’t.
  315. [17:53] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  316. [17:54] <BarrettBrown> Do you want me to show you the article?
  317. [17:54] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  318. [17:54] <BarrettBrown> This is why you need to coordinate with the people with whom you’re working.
  319. [17:54] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  320. [17:54] <Asherah> I never admitted any such thing
  321. [17:54] <BarrettBrown> Heh.
  322. [17:54] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  323. [17:54] <BarrettBrown> Okay.
  324. [17:54] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  325. [17:54] <Asherah> And our data has been confirmed
  326. [17:55] <Asherah> You can strike the windmill again if you like
  327. [17:55] <Asherah> it will win
  328. [17:55] <BarrettBrown> Are you the windmill?
  329. [17:55] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  330. [17:55] <Asherah> Inevitibility is the windmill
  331. [17:57] <BarrettBrown> Backtrace, for its part, also denies that many of the details released about the anti-Anonymous group are correct.“Some is real, some is fake. They made up a lot of addresses and phone numbers,” says the Backtrace spokesperson who goes by the name Hubris. “They’re grasping at straws. I hope they have fun with it.”
  332. [17:57] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  333. [17:58] <BarrettBrown> http://blogs.forbes.com/andygreenberg/2011/03/22/anonymous-and-ex-anonymous-hackers-wage-a-war-of-identifica tion/
  334. [17:58] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  335. [17:58] <BarrettBrown> You want to revise and extend your remarks?
  336. [17:58] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  337. [17:58] <Asherah> You can’t argue yourself out of this Barrett
  338. [17:59] <BarrettBrown> Based on the fact that you put out someone else’s address as mine on your Twitter, it ought not be surprising thatyou guys would make mistake.
  339. [17:59] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  340. [17:59] <Asherah> I’m not interested in playing “no, but” with you all day
  341. [17:59] <BarrettBrown> I would imagine not
  342. [17:59] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  343. [17:59] <Asherah> or discussing our strategy with you
  344. [17:59] <BarrettBrown> You’re not very good at it.
  345. [17:59] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  346. [17:59] <BarrettBrown> You’ve discussed your strategy with me quite a bit today alone.
  347. [17:59] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  348. [17:59] <BarrettBrown> You just prefer not to get caught being incompetent or unethical.
  349. [17:59] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  350. [17:59] <Asherah> Only past strategy
  351. [18:00] <Asherah> So unless you have a time machine…
  352. [18:00] <BarrettBrown> That’s when you start pretending to be busy or not caring what I think.
  353. [18:00] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  354. [18:00] <Asherah> I am busy
  355. [18:00] <Asherah> and i never cared what you think
  356. [18:00] <BarrettBrown> Right.
  357. [18:00] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  358. [18:00] <Asherah> You’re a self important narcissist
  359. [18:00] <Asherah> your opinion of any person is suspect
  360. [18:00] <BarrettBrown> Unlike you, I admit to failures.
  361. [18:00] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  362. [18:00] <BarrettBrown> You can’t seem to bring yourself to do that.
  363. [18:00] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  364. [18:00] <Asherah> I haven’t failed
  365. [18:01] <BarrettBrown> You have a need to be utterly victorious
  366. [18:01] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  367. [18:01] <BarrettBrown> When you put out the wrong info on people, you failed.
  368. [18:01] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  369. [18:01] <BarrettBrown> And in a way that causes problems for innocent people.
  370. [18:01] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  371. [18:01] <Asherah> Nah, I have a need to get paid which requires at least some victory
  372. [18:01] <BarrettBrown> You’re doing this for money, eh?
  373. [18:01] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  374. [18:01] <Asherah> Been quite open about that
  375. Later…
  376. 0[18:10] <BarrettBrown> Does the fact that “Hubris” told the press that much of your info was wrong contradict your assertion that it’s all correct?
  377. [18:10] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  378. [18:11] <Asherah> Hubris was being funny
  379. [18:11] <Asherah> My information was correct
  380. [18:11] <Asherah> and has been verified
  381. [18:12] <Asherah> \and any that would not have been would hjave nbeen verified by the folks withn the subpoena and warrant powers
  382. [18:12] <BarrettBrown> So, Hubris was telling a joke?
  383. [18:12] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  384. [18:12] <Asherah> Ask Hubris
  385. [18:12] <BarrettBrown> You just spoke for him.
  386. [18:12] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  387. [18:12] <BarrettBrown> Sounds like I can ask you.
  388. [18:12] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  389. [18:13] <Asherah> From here out, i will no longer address your issues with random people. You will address those people or complain elsewhere
  390. [18:13] <BarrettBrown> You’re quicker to answer things when they don’t show you to be wrong.
  391. [18:13] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  392. [18:13] <BarrettBrown> Hubris is a random person?
  393. [18:13] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  394. [18:13] <BarrettBrown> That’s odd.
  395. [18:13] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  396. [18:13] <Asherah> Like i said before, you’re bad at this. A child.
  397. [18:13] <BarrettBrown> You seem to know his hidden intent in talking to the press.
  398. [18:13] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  399. [18:14] <Asherah> I do
  400. [18:14] <Asherah> I am not interested in sharing it with you
  401. [18:14] <BarrettBrown> You already claim to have.
  402. [18:14] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  403. [18:14] <BarrettBrown> You said he was being funny.
  404. [18:14] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  405. [18:14] <BarrettBrown> Maybe you should write down your policy.
  406. [18:14] ->> Asherah is away: I’m busy
  407. [18:14] <BarrettBrown> That way you’ll know what it is.
  408. So, there you go. That’s Backtrace Security.

Banned from everywhere

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