That time FBI asset Sabu threatened Privacy International and probed their servers

Logs from Project PM’s internet relay chat, February 2012 — a month before the FBI admitted they’d been running Hector “Sabu” Monsegur since the prior July

In a more perfect world, this would have prompted questions from the press

Like everything else in the Project PM IRC, which was closely associated with Anonymous, this conversation was logged and published by unknown parties, in addition to being monitored by the FBI itself, along with Monsegur’s FBI-provided laptop. The full transcript from which this is taken can be found on pastebin.

Feb 06 20:03:27 <Sabu> if you’re so fuckin elite what are you doing here trying to convince us we’re doing things that are unethical

Feb 06 20:03:34 <Sabu> how does that look little man?

Feb 06 20:03:36 <Paladine> it is nothing to do with ego it is about being ethical and not exposing hundreds of millions to potential harm

Feb 06 20:03:44 <Sabu> Fuck you and fuck your ethics

Feb 06 20:03:50 <Sabu> we are the anti-thesis to such points

Feb 06 20:03:51 <Paladine> fuck you and your childish games

Feb 06 20:04:00 <Paladine> grow the fuck up

Feb 06 20:04:03 <Sabu> rofl

Feb 06 20:04:08 <Sabu> you’re mad

Feb 06 20:04:17 <Sabu> do you work at symantec?

Feb 06 20:04:19 <Sabu> or stratfor?

Feb 06 20:04:25 <Sabu> wtf do you even do anyway

Feb 06 20:04:37 <Paladine> I work for a human rights org

Feb 06 20:04:43 <Sabu> which one?

Feb 06 20:04:49 <Paladine> Privacy International

Feb 06 20:04:55 <o> paladine: you don’t see us undermining your efforts do you?

Feb 06 20:04:57 <Sabu> never heard of it

Feb 06 20:05:07 <m> Sabu: they collaborated in the WL spyfiles release.

Feb 06 20:05:09 <o> do you understand the advantages of embracing a diversity of tactics — we do shit that you cannot do because your hands are tied.

Feb 06 20:05:18 <Paladine> sabu, that is because you are too busy looking up your own ass to notice anytihng else in the world

Feb 06 20:05:27 <o> fact is, you need us as teeth to back you up with whatever phony negotiations you do with the people in power.

Feb 06 20:05:48 <Sabu> Paladine: thats what youre talking about lil one?

Feb 06 20:06:02 <Paladine> did I stutter?

Feb 06 20:06:16 <Sabu> you actually didn’t specify you punk bitch

Feb 06 20:06:21 <Sabu> you mentioned an org name and I googled it

Feb 06 20:06:26 <Sabu> also came up

Feb 06 20:06:31 <Sabu> do you claim that as well?

Feb 06 20:06:32 <Paladine> well there is only one privacy international

Feb 06 20:06:36 <Sabu> you fucking burnt out imp

Feb 06 20:06:37 <Sabu> gimp even

Feb 06 20:06:40 <Paladine> we share that domain with EPIC

Feb 06 20:06:46 <Sabu> got you

Feb 06 20:06:49 <o> not impressed.

Feb 06 20:07:34 <o> the revolution will not be funded — think beyond the non-profit industrial complex.

Feb 06 20:07:44 <Sabu> would make a nice vhost on irc I won’t front

Feb 06 20:07:51 <o> lol let’s do this

Feb 06 20:07:54 <Sabu> ;)

Feb 06 20:08:02 <Sabu> let me look at its mail server

Feb 06 20:08:08 <Sabu> Paladine: whats your username @ the org?

Feb 06 20:08:12 <Sabu> so I can print your mails out

Feb 06 20:08:16 <o> lol.

Feb 06 20:08:34 <Paladine> you think threatening me is going to scare me lol?

Feb 06 20:08:43 <Sabu> we don’t threaten.

Feb 06 20:08:45 <Sabu> we make shit happen

Feb 06 20:08:57 <Paladine> and you think that is going to scare me?

Feb 06 20:09:04 <Sabu> I don’t give a fuck what it does to you

Feb 06 20:09:14 <Sabu> you’re my bitch here remember this point

Banned from everywhere

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