The Dallas Morning News dislikes corrections, black murder witnesses, and Scott Griggs

Actual text from actual Dallas editor

“Annapolis Maryland sheriffs are reporting multiple fatalities in a newsroom. I wonder if it’s only journalists or any real people got hurt.” — Former Dallas Morning News and D Magazine contributor Trey Garrison, 2018.

A few months after Garrison wrote that tweet under his alternate Twitter account, I was pressured to keep quiet about a November 13th bomb threat to D Magazine over my recent articles, which had been critical of Dallas Morning News and Dallas police — particularly with regards to the shooting of black resident Botham Jean by white DPD officer Amber Guyger, and the paper’s odd decision to repeat Guyger’s account as fact, and to do likewise with her second, contradictory account.

DPD has refrained from publicly commenting on the bomb threat in the four months since then — or the other one made against the downtown library from the same Facebook account, which cited “Democrats” and their “conspiracy shit” as the motivating factor. But they’ve privately put out three contradictory versions of what occurred, each since leaked via audio or email. None have been reported by The Dallas Morning News (more surprisingly, they haven’t run all three incompatible reports as fact). An article by D editor Tim Rogers that acknowledged the threat but which was given over mostly to criticisms of me for worrying aloud about a possible cover-up was published on November 26th. As the Freedom of the Press Foundation put it, “A few days later, the post was abruptly deleted without any explanation. Rogers told the Tracker that he could not comment on what had happened.”

I’ll be providing an ever more grotesque account of what ails the Dallas media in my speech to the Texas Library Association in Austin on April 17th, and in my other speech to the Tennessee Library Association in Chattanooga on April 25th, and to Niagara University in Buffalo on March 21st. Reform begins with scandal.

In the meantime, please consider donating to Scott Griggs for mayor and Philip Kingston for city council, and volunteering for either. The Dallas Morning News has targeted both for a very good reason — the paper’s executives and board members are happy with the current arrangement, and know perfectly well which two city leaders are capable of ending it.

Incidentally, Trey Garrison’s long and comfortable history with both D Magazine and Dallas Morning News ended two months ago when he was outed as the notorious white supremacist podcaster “Spectre” — though naturally this was first reported by an outside org that noticed his op-ed entitled “Why I Don’t Want Diversity in my Neighborhood” was reprinted at a white supremacist website, and not by, say, the DMN editors who ran it in the first place — and then ran another op-ed defending it.

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