Twitter deleted my post about Dallas police’s threatening texts and fraudulent tax returns, so I’ll just stick them right here

Too hot for Twitter?

From my other post on Facebook:

I really got my feelings hurt last night by this local ex-cop Shane Owens saying I have a “punchable face,” so to make myself feel better I’m arranging to publish documents and testimony showing that several of his colleagues in the Dallas Police Department engaged in tax fraud with the assistance of a fellow who later went to prison for preparing them.

Here’s a sample: Sergeant Steve Hough had a soon-to-be-convicted tax cheat prepare his 2005 and 2006 returns, which included a $13,439 loss that he tells me was among the tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent claims for which he would later go to federal prison.

If you’re a journalist and would like to be put in contact with the fellow in question, email me at (Also, sorry for the confusing references; long story short, I’ve been in something of a tiff with local law enforcement since November over their handling of a bomb threat made by a Dallas man who vowed to blow up a publication I write for if they continued to publish my work, and this has intensified in the last few days due to the release of audio that shows Dallas police lied about the incident and acted to keep it quiet, for reasons that remain unclear. Then a well-known former cop that the local media is very fond of wrote an aggressive and somewhat douchy message about me, shown below, and I said to myself, well, time to start publishing these fraudulent Dallas police tax returns! Not sure if this really clears things up but whatever.)

Banned from everywhere

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