We exposed HBGary. HBGary came after us. The Intercept’s Sam Biddle helped.

Biddle fearlessly fails to reply

A week ago I released a set of documents pertaining to The Intercept’s recent closure of the Snowden archive and firing of the research team that oversaw it, including internal emails and testimony from Laura Poitras about the outlet’s failure to even inform Snowden in advance. I also included an email I’d just sent to dozens of staffers and execs at The Intercept and First Look regarding this whole sordid affair, as well as some examples showing that Glenn Greenwald and Betsy Reed, who were instrumental in making the decision and justifying it to the public, have a history of failing to understand the significance of such materials even when presented to them in easy-to-understand summaries with supporting documents provided — including secret surveillance and propaganda programs that ended up being used against the American public in the 2016 election.

I removed a portion of that email before I sent it off and made it public, partially due to space constraints and partially because the matters I was discussing were already complex enough. That portion is restored below, in bold, and explains how Intercept contributor Sam Biddle was used by HBGary — the same firm that targeted Greenwald and other journalists along with Palantir and others in late 2010 before its proposed black ops campaign was uncovered in a raid by hackers I worked with in Anonymous — in its years-long campaign to have me arrested, charged, imprisoned, and silenced.

As shown in the screenshot above, I gave Biddle a chance to address this when I made him aware of the extent of the harm he’d done in a series of messages on March 20. Like Greenwald, John Cook, and others involved in this whole affair, he has chosen to hide. Two weeks later, I’ve yet to hear from him; two weeks from now, The Intercept will be holding a five-year anniversary event in Brooklyn to celebrate its “fearless, adversarial journalism”.

Yes, this is real

Due to DOJ travel restrictions, I will not be in attendance. But the National Magazine Award I won for The Intercept will be right outside, having been shipped up to Brooklyn for the purpose, and burned, live.

I hate parties

For now, let’s celebrate with the following retrospective.

Banned from everywhere

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