When HBGary decided I’d be going to prison, they hired two FBI informants to start brainstorming crimes

Jennifer Emick, hired by HBGary and compensated by FBI, chats with Brandon Pike, weird fat kid who helped out for free

April 2011. Unknown IRC server.

ShadowDXS: Brandon Pike of Florida, a security guard and noted subject of fun throughout his brief stint associating with LulzSec

Asherah: Jennifer Emick, who worked directly with HBGary’s execs to harass, discredit, and imprison Anons in retaliation for the exposure of the criminal Team Themis plot involving subsidiary HBGary Federal, Palantir, Berico, and Endgame Systems

Namshub: Probably Emicks’ partner Hubris, originally portrayed as having been wounded in the service before some sordid argument prompted Emick to reveal it had been a motorcycle accident in some fucked up Midwestern state of the sort that seem to be producing most of these people

0ve it to you
[21:43] asherah I have to account for who calls him
[21:43] ShadowDXS right
[21:43] ShadowDXS i understand
[21:43] asherah if there's a free for all he may get annoyed with me :D
[21:43] ShadowDXS right
[22:24] ShadowDXS anything on this number?
[22:26] namshub tomorrow dude
[22:26] namshub even I can't call a fed at ten at night :P
[22:27] ShadowDXS meh
[22:27] namshub sorry, thought that was obvious
[22:28] ShadowDXS i forget what time is
[22:28] ShadowDXS never like the thing
[22:28] namshub it can wait a day?
[22:28] ShadowDXS oh yeah
[22:28] namshub ok, good
[22:28] namshub yeah, guy has a day job
[22:28] ShadowDXS i'm not that worried about it, just didnt know if
you meant now or later
[22:28] namshub and he is real decent
[22:28] namshub and BB already annoyed the shit outta him
[22:28] ShadowDXS wow
[22:28] namshub yeah
[22:28] ShadowDXS i cut his mic off after 2 mins of him talking to him
[22:29] ShadowDXS dude is like a fucking robot tard
[22:29] namshub I gave him the line and he went straight in with
"hey, is fakegregghoush jennifer emrick?" like a fuicking jackass with
a death wiush
[22:29] ShadowDXS i really dont see why BB is so scared about Backtrace
[22:29] ShadowDXS i dont even care if your apart of it
[22:29] namshub why wouldn't he be?
[22:30] ShadowDXS the name itself is a fucking meme for the love of god
[22:30] ShadowDXS the info they posted
[22:30] ShadowDXS dont mean anything
[22:30] namshub the name wa spicked for a reason, sure
[22:30] ShadowDXS but Anonymous is like: OMFG THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE
[22:30] namshub but the info- was not meaningless
[22:30] namshub lol
[22:30] namshub several ano9ns have been whisked away
[22:31] namshub there's a reson the smart ones stfu
[22:31] ShadowDXS Anonymous used the mask as a symbol, and the new
kids dont know what that means
[22:31] ShadowDXS its meant to say: we stand together. Not: Hide your ass
[22:31] namshub lol
[22:31] namshub maybe, yeah
[22:31] ShadowDXS this is why i hate what Anonymous is
[22:31] namshub yeah
[22:31] namshub problem is
[22:32] namshub in the end, they're just another mob
[22:32] ShadowDXS if the LOIC kids left, and the troll's and the
tards (BB) all left
[22:32] ShadowDXS then we would be good
[22:32] ShadowDXS but
[22:32] ShadowDXS till that happens
[22:32] namshub there's worse than them
[22:32] ShadowDXS i will not be apart of anonymous
[22:32] namshub a core of opportunists
[22:32] namshub who talk a lot about the evil bak system
[22:32] namshub as a cover
[22:32] namshub for nasty shit
[22:32] namshub and those folks
[22:32] namshub will go down HARD
[22:33] namshub and woe to anyone swept up with them
[22:33] ShadowDXS i dont even see why this Backtrace gives a shit
about Anonymous
[22:33] ShadowDXS really
[22:33] namshub and tht metalgear stupidity
[22:33] ShadowDXS i think its a waste of time
[22:33] namshub because they thought they were invincible
[22:33] ShadowDXS the metalgear shit is something different
[22:33] namshub what better opportunity to demonstrate otherwise?
[22:33] ShadowDXS its not a LOIC op
[22:33] namshub metalgear is a fantasy
[22:33] ShadowDXS prove it
[22:34] namshub BUT
[22:34] namshub I can't
[22:34] namshub not without giving stuff away
[22:34] ShadowDXS then dont speak about it XD
[22:34] namshub but it's conspiracy theory
[22:34] namshub opnopro
[22:34] namshub is a pro spammer
[22:34] namshub I will speak about it
[22:34] namshub because there is a real chance
[22:34] namshub their blundering around may expose real operatives
doing real NS work
[22:35] ShadowDXS what BB does, and what I and others do on OpMG is
two ttly different things
[22:35] ShadowDXS what he does
[22:35] ShadowDXS is for the press
[22:35] ShadowDXS what we are looking for
[22:35] namshub the pentagon is not filled with evil jerks trying to
spy on ordinary people
[22:35] ShadowDXS something else :D
[22:35] namshub the stasi already showed the futility of such attempts
[22:36] namshub well, believe mme or not, it doesn't exist
[22:36] namshub and that comes from the ppl who are accused of cooking it up
[22:36] namshub :P
[22:36] namshub their only worry
[22:36] namshub is that BB in his blundering about
[22:37] namshub might expose anti-jihadis and other ppl working for
us interests
[22:37] namshub I think we proved already that gathering intel on
people is easy
[22:37] ShadowDXS true
[22:37] namshub does not require sock puppet armies or any other silliness
[22:37] ShadowDXS also true
[22:38] namshub in fewer than three weeks with na cold start and no "ins"
[22:38] namshub we got enough to hang the core of anonops
[22:38] namshub the idea they'd go through such ridiculous effort and expense
[22:38] ShadowDXS the funny thing is, i dont see the FBI doing much
about what they have
[22:38] namshub when they didn't even know wtf anonymous really was
until a month ago
[22:38] namshub well, it's a joke
[22:39] namshub the FBI are working hard
[22:39] ShadowDXS i think the whole thing is a joke
[22:39] ShadowDXS BT,Anon and the Feds
[22:39] ShadowDXS as well as what drama jester had
[22:39] ShadowDXS most of the anonymous members that matter never
touch IRC servers
[22:39] namshub well, anons make drama out of pointless stuff
[22:39] namshub they don't realize
[22:39] ShadowDXS Trollnonymous does
[22:40] ShadowDXS yes
[22:40] namshub that the FBI have beauracrats
[22:40] namshub and they are not stupid
[22:40] namshub they just have to be scrupulous
[22:40] namshub a lot of the dox we got
[22:40] namshub thatb we thought was original
[22:40] ShadowDXS what most fail to realize, is that if you really
wanna nab Anonymous by the balls, look for who not there, not those
that are
[22:41] namshub only confirmed what they knew already
[22:41] ShadowDXS i really think the IRC servers are just a front
[22:41] namshub what i'm saying is, they know a lot
[22:41] ShadowDXS i bet they do
[22:41] ShadowDXS but
[22:41] namshub they're just slow to put the evidence on apeper and move in
[22:41] namshub paper
[22:41] ShadowDXS and that will hurt them
[22:41] namshub and this time people fucked up bad
[22:41] ShadowDXS they will get some small fry kids if they dont hurry up
[22:42] namshub esp threatening infrastucture and bansk
[22:42] ShadowDXS all the big fish will swim away
[22:42] namshub banks
[22:42] namshub nah
[22:42] namshub some have been reeled in
[22:42] namshub I can't discuss
[22:42] ShadowDXS some
[22:42] namshub but there's a reason behind some recent diappearances
[22:42] ShadowDXS Topair was not apart of that :D
[22:42] namshub and little fishes tattle on big fishes
[22:42] namshub topiary is like BB
[22:43] namshub a mouth
[22:43] ShadowDXS yup
[22:43] ShadowDXS you seen his facebook?
[22:43] ShadowDXS xD
[22:43] namshub they got his id already
[22:43] ShadowDXS dude is a radio head
[22:43] namshub don't think they care about him unless tyhey need him squealing
[22:43] namshub radio head?
[22:43] ShadowDXS i'm glad to here they are not wasting their time with him
[22:43] ShadowDXS dude is a DJ or something
[22:44] ShadowDXS talk radio
[22:44] ShadowDXS i think
[22:44] namshub nah, they have a list
[22:44] namshub tbh they're not even much interested in BB, although
I hear cali feds are
[22:44] namshub lol
[22:45] ShadowDXS dude has warrants
[22:45] namshub yeah, but there are several fed investigations
[22:45] namshub I am not assisting them all
[22:45] ShadowDXS xD
[22:46] namshub that said
[22:46] namshub BB is not scott free
[22:46] namshub he has attention fromk worse than feds
[22:46] namshub and if I was you
[22:46] namshub honest in jun
[22:46] namshub I would steer way clear
[22:46] namshub remember when jester had an influx of dc ips?
[22:46] namshub that anons thought was aaron barr?
[22:47] ShadowDXS yeah
[22:47] namshub wadn't
[22:47] namshub wasn't
[22:47] namshub sorry, it's dark in here
[22:47] ShadowDXS get a light bish
[22:47] ShadowDXS xD
[22:47] namshub lol
[22:47] namshub eventually
[22:47] namshub I have one, but it's no help
[22:48] namshub anyway
[22:48] namshub tldr is
[22:48] namshub bb has all the attention he thought he wanted
[22:48] namshub due to his quantico escapades
[22:48] namshub that's all i can say
[22:48] namshub I like you
[22:48] namshub so...be careful
[22:48] ShadowDXS well do
[22:48] namshub can't stress enough
[22:49] namshub that dude, not safe to be around
[22:49] ShadowDXS trust me, i know
[22:49] namshub and not due to his grand delusions re metalgear
[22:49] namshub metalgear=crap
[22:49] namshub none of that ever happened
[22:49] namshub it's all 100% make believe
[22:50] namshub not that they wouldn't like that sort of granular control maybe
[22:50] namshub but it hasn't happened
[22:50] namshub and would be fully illegal if it did
[22:50] ShadowDXS right
[22:52] namshub of course the problem is i can't prove it without
running my mouth about shit people don'ty generally believe anyhow
[22:54] ShadowDXS well
[22:54] ShadowDXS either prove it or shush then :D
[22:56] namshub can't prove that nay more than i can prove the easter
bunny is a fraud
[22:56] namshub it's more two plus three equals potato
[22:56] namshub but I have had contact with some of the folks who are
accused of running such a thing
[22:57] namshub and they are not only baffled but completely internet
illiterate old people
[23:00] namshub believe me when i say companies get jobs they don't
qualify for based on how slow the gov't is to get caught up
[23:04] ShadowDXS O_o
[23:05] namshub tl;dr is, the higher up yopu go, the older the folks you get
[23:05] namshub they're all ex-military
[23:05] namshub they know zip about internets
[23:05] namshub let aone how to exploit
[23:06] namshub occasionally a sec company will sing a pretty song
and get a nibble
[23:06] namshub someday, I'll tell ya baout some of these fools
[23:06] namshub metalgear and the like could only happen if all
parties were both devious, super competent, and willing
[23:07] namshub it would NEVER happen
[23:07] namshub One of us (backtrace)
[23:07] namshub has been offered fed jobs spying on terrorists
[23:07] namshub after ya know, catching a few red handed
[23:08] namshub job offers pay less than managing a mickey d's

Banned from everywhere

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